Community Manager, Makati City

Agency Ogilvy
Created 11/25/2020
Reference 2019-4512
Category Media
Country Philippines
City Makati City

Duties and Responsibilities

The Service Provider provides community management services to meet marketing objectives for channels driven by social content and communities, including but not limited to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It requires the planning and production of social content and social community management.


Scope of Work

  • Create, execute, and update social media content plans and other applicable requirements designed to meet marketing and campaign objectives, in collaboration with teammates. This will involve development of both planned and ad-hoc content, publishing, facilitation of promotional activities on social media, and response management.
  • Monitor and report performance of published social content and community interactions. This includes routine response and promo management as well as chatbot development support and maintenance.
  • Maintain a constant awareness of general social trends and conversations related to their overall scope of work, to better deal with opportunities and issues as they're encountered.
  • Be available for contact during regular work hours via online and mobile.
  • Log on his/her weekly accomplishments via the Company's Activity Log System.

Ad-Hoc Scope of Work

  • Physical presence at events that require live content compilation, production, and publication.
  • Participation in brainstorming sessions related to social content and communities.
  • More thorough performance monitoring and reporting in times of crises or issues.
  • May be asked to work on other assigned tasks during weekends and holidays or whenever needed.
  • May be tapped to support analytics in report creation
  • Live coverages, events and crisis monitoring done on weekends may be offset within an approved timeframe.
  • Participation in shoots for social content to ensure shot list is executed correctly
  • May be deployed as backup support for local team members who are part of social hubs embedded in client's office.
    • This secondment setup may require reporting to the Client office, where the schedule and work hours will be agreed upon with the Client.


Social media output includes:

Up to 100 pieces/month (inclusive of revisions) of each of the following output types:

  • Content ideas detailed in Task Specification Forms for cascading image instructions to Creative teams
  • Copies for social media (e.g. post captions, in-art copy, copy guides for influencers, video/album title and descriptions, memes, etc.)

Up to 10 pieces/month (inclusive of revisions) of each of the following output types:

  • Event guides for live coverage
  • Shot lists for social content shoots
  • Influencer copy + image guides
  • Hashtag studies
  • Response spiels and FAQ documents

Ad-hoc reports to be provided as needed:

  • Tagging reports
  • Community conversation themes summary
  • Promo management reports

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