Associate Strategist, Makati City

Agency Ogilvy
Created 05/26/2021
Reference 2021-9309
Category Strategy
Country Philippines
City Makati City

You're the connectors among the brand, culture, and consumers. Your thirst for knowledge fuels your growth. Your curiosity and consideration takes you into the realm of insights that will inspire new creative solutions.

As an associate strategist, you will learn skills in assimilating information and turning them into useful knowledge. Your most critical task is to develop the ability to exploring the insights. You start to learn how to dig out nugget of insights and be able to use them to inspire the team for creative solutions. People look to you for what's happening in consumer cultures and bring forward topical ideas proactively. You are curious about people and what makes them tick. And you help apply this knowledge to support the bigger strategic plan.

In this role you'll develop the skills of insights mining and building a solid communication foundation and learning the art of consulting clients by accompanying strategic directors to meetings.

You also support customer engagement planning work. You still support delivering customer engagement strategies in the perspective of individual needs and behaviours from short-term campaigns to large ongoing programs.


Client Management

  • Planning staff should learn Ogilvy's strategic tool and the way of thinking. Although not expected to face the client alone, he/she still needs to be accompanied by their Senior to attend the relevant client meetings.


Your focus as a Strategist:

  • Learning to write creative briefs
  • Learning to identify tensions, and understand propositions and strategic positionings
  • Beginning to understand and respond to creative work with reference to insights
  • Communications planning - identifying the roles for comms and channels, including new media and platforms
  • Broadening your skills across the agency through other projects (EFFIES, Pitches etc.)

The skills you learn and apply:

  • Quant research: summarizing key findings and unearthing insights vs. simply parroting information. You understand how to read trends and a story in data which give your argument rigor (e.g. Mintel, CMMS, Clients' quant, Social listening etc.)
  • Qualitative skills: learning to write a discussion guide, set up and conduct basic interviews, summarize findings and edit video clips. You can use qual to give flavor to your story.
  • Market and cultural trend analysis
  • Developing target audience profiles and writing personas that feel real
  • Writing customer journeys based on data
  • Learning how to use critical Ogilvy strategic tools (the MBM OS, Big Ideal, Fusion & DAVE)
  • You're able to use these insights to write a point of view that can be presented to others

Creative Leadership

  • Bringing fact-based knowledge and insights to inspire the creative and strategic development

The qualities that will make you successful

  • Relentless curiosity
  • Articulate and persuasive
  • Thrives in teamwork
  • Exceptional analytical / writing skills
  • Strong work ethic

You're ready to move up when
you can handle strategic tasks independently. You've got the confidence and the foundation: a working understanding of craft research skills and writing briefs. And you start to be the go-to point with regards to insights and strategic thoughts in the broader team.

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