Senior Experience Consultant, New York, New York

Agency Proto
Created 10/05/2021
Date expired 12/01/2021
Reference 880830815
Category Other
Country United States
State New York
City New York
Zip 10007
Our Experience Consultants work with business, design, and technology leaders to define how a brand behaves and yokes it equally with what they do and why they do it. Think: Unboxing a Glossier product, boarding a Delta flight, or receiving care through OneMedical. This means you will use a broad skill set across the service, organization, interaction, and visual design domains to work on holistic design solutions, from early-stage idea generation until detailed design of service features and user stories in a digital product.

Senior Consultants are the backbone of our teams, responsible for turning information into insights and owning project deliverables. You'll bring to life the voice of the user and connect design teams to the human experiences and needs that underlie our clients' new product and service offerings. You are Inspired by the craft of design, and the practices that ensure we are not only designing well, but designing effectively for the audience and business. Working as part of interdisciplinary teams, you will bring your depth of knowledge across a wide range of research approaches, including: generative, rapid and nimble iterative loops of prototyping, user feedback, and qualitative and quantitative studies - all to drive human-centered innovation.

What you will do:
  • Individually contribute to and collaborate within intersectional teams to define digital product, service, or experience concepts;
  • Lead a cross-disciplinary analysis of existing solutions and opportunity spaces and drive user understanding among different parties;
  • Inform research approaches, prototyping, user feedback, and qualitative and quantitative studies with an aim to achieve human-centered innovation;
  • Develop and continuously iterate concepts and execute detailed design of defined experiences (retail, service, product, etc.) and prototypes;
  • Connect research findings and strategic rationale to conceptual ideas and detailed design work;
  • Ensure a successful handover of final outcomes by helping to mid-to-senior level clients through training and documentation;
  • Mentor junior employees within and outside your specific fields of expertise.

  • 4+ years in a UX, Interaction Design or Product Design role within a consultancy or agency;
  • A portfolio that features a breadth of project types and demonstrates highly developed design or research skills;
  • Proficiency in Figma, InVision, and Adobe suite required.

As of January 2022, all employees are expected to be vaccinated and work out of the office in NYC, located at Three World Trade. We would like for employees to plan to work from the office at least two days per week, and we will remain flexible on where and how people work.

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About Proto
Proto is a pragmatic innovation consultancy that helps meaningful organizations achieve sustainable growth. We partner with our clients to set visions for their future offerings at the intersection of technology, brand purpose, and human behavior. We design bespoke, actionable outputs - business models, brand identity systems, prototypes, and pilot programs - that accelerate a client's transformation and make a measurable impact on their business.

Diversity is foundational to Proto's intersectional way of working. Only by combining unique experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds, can we unlock the most creative ideas and innovative approaches for our clients to shape a world that works for everyone.

Rachel Mercer


Associate Director, HR


Senior Engagement Manager

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