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Agency Ogilvy
Created 01/13/2022
Reference 2022-11031
Category Strategy
Country United Kingdom
City London

Introduction to Ogilvy

At Ogilvy we make brands matter.

We make them matter for years, for quarters and for right now.

There is a prevailing wisdom or narrative that perhaps brands no longer matter as much in the era of micro-targeting, technology and perfect data.

But we believe that brands have never mattered more as navigation aids and beacons of trust for consumers.

We are 1000 creative problem solvers working together to get to less ordinary answers to client's challenges.

If that sounds like somewhere you want to be, read on...

Introduction to Social and Content at Ogilvy

At Ogilvy, we've made it our mission to help make brands matter. We're creative, hungry, enthusiastic, and importantly, we're digital natives. We live in the feed. We have the right conversations with the right people, so that our clients can find the right people, at the right times, and in the right places for their brands.

We're lucky enough to sit within a fully integrated Ogilvy team of 1,000 communications experts and reap the benefits of a deep pool of shared knowledge and collaborative thinking.

Our Social and Content team comprises 80 social specialists, so we can offer expertise across a myriad

of disciplines. We use data-driven strategic insights to deliver amazing creative

content that drives effective results to make brands really matter and have all the tools to deliver best-in-class content programmes on a daily basis.

If that still sounds like somewhere you want to be, read on.

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